Dorina Pllumbi (1984) architect and urban design, PhD candidate. Graduated in 2007 in architecture at the Polytechnic University of Tirana, in 2010 obtains Master of II Level degree at the Faculty of Architecture _ Sapienza_ University of Rome, Italy. At the same Sapienza University is conducting PhD studies in Environmental Design at Doctoral School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Architecture. From 2009 she works as a lecturer at the Department of Urbanism, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Polytechnic University of Tirana ( teaching in the class of Architecture Studio 3,4 (third year of the Bachelor degree in Urbanism) and leading the class of Environmental Design (first year of Master of Science in Urbanism). The scientific interest is directed towards sustainable urbanism, focused on the quality of public spaces as a catalyst of community life and increased sense of belonging. The guiding line topic is to see the way how cultural and behavioral studies can affect and lead to policies and design of public space.
Ergen Agalliu (1983) architect and urban
designer. Graduated in 2009 in
architecture at the Polytechnic University
of Tirana with a Master of Science
Degree. After many years of working
experience with projects of different
scales his ability to both conceptualize
and smoothly translate ideas in projects
is crucial for the work of 3plusarchitects.
About us:

3plusarchitects is an architectural studio located in
Tirana, administered by Dorina Pllumbi and Ergen Agalliu.
The studio has developed many projects of different
scales, in different contexts and in collaboration with other
partners. 3plusarchitects believe that the essence of
architecture lies in a careful interpretation of human
experience and perception. Creating places for people to
live, love, work, learn, play etc. comprises the concept of
spatiality which is different from the geometric space,
seeing architecture as the power of giving spirit to space,
determining its character, in which people feel identified.
On this purpose, each client is seen as an active partner
in the design process, making sure they feel represented
and belong to the place created for them is crucial.
Merging research with the practice of design is the motor
of the studio. With an integrated and multi-dimensional
approach,  crossing urban and architectural aspects with
social, economic and environmental ones, the research
aims to provide a contribution to the process of urban
transformations in the Albanian context.

The working methodology is guided by considering each
project as unique and basing the richness of the work in
an integrated process of inquiry and research with a
particular consideration of each context operated. The
complexity and richness of the design is seen in the
desire of getting out of the design cannons and make
design a process of experimentation. Seeding this
process is a cumulative process of discovery through
diagnosis and analysis. The output is an elaborated
enriched understanding of relationships among multiple
Merging boundaries between disciplines is in the core of
studios working methodology and respecting the role of
internal and external collaborators and partners in the
process is very relevant. Talented employees who
contribute to the work are the “plus” part of the studio. The
team of 3plusarchitects combines the skills to engage in
projects of different scales, public and private ones.