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Situata is an architectural practice that engages with situations in the material world. Architecture is considered as a medium to intervene but not control, to co-produce but not colonize the real life situations. Paying attention to the situational is what makes the process of engagement a rich encounter with the material, the spatial, the physical. We aim to understand these situations better, to articulate and bond with them, to dwell in them for a while and then let them flow.

We understand doing architecture not merely as building, but as a process of flows and interactions of humans, non-humans with the material and the spatial. The spatiality of situations is a contact zone, is a place of engaging with the flow of life, abstracting and then giving shape to it, loosening and then materializing it. We consider this an on-going process that never ceases to unfold in time and space.For us, every situation is different, every encounter is special. Every project has a story to unfold, and every space has a specificity in itself. We cherish this particularity and we help giving it the physical touch. We would love to hear your story and share a journey together.